« Azadeh’s way of coaching is absolutely unique. Her coaching always follows a very clear goal, and yet is so versatile and individual. Thanks to Azadeh’s coaching, my attitude towards life has completely changed and I go through life with a self-awareness that I could not have imagined before, even though I had dealt with the topic a lot. Azadeh manages perfectly to combine radical honesty with an incredible amount of empathy and sensitivity and creates a space in which you can get to know yourself again completely new. I recommend the coaching to absolutely every person, it is the best gift you can give yourself. »

Tamira E.

Teacher, Zurich, Switzerland

« Engaging with Azadeh in the coaching process was a real pleasure. Through her methodology but especially through her kindness, intelligence and respect, I felt safe and accompanied with a lot of softness and strength. It was also particularly interesting to notice, to feel and to see that this process has a very concrete effect on my daily life, my narratives (deconstructing the old heavy narratives and moving forward with more lightness and confidence). She was able to create and maintain a space where I felt safe and fully supported in an integrated way. I think of all the dimensions that Azadeh was able to activate (corporal, intellectual, spiritual) with great tact and sensitivity. »

Kenza B.

University Professor, Zurich, Switzerland

« I always felt in perfect hands with Azadeh from the very first meeting to the last session. She accompanies the whole process mindfully, takes her time, pauses, understands and always listens. I have rarely felt as supported as I did with her. It takes a lot of courage to want to change. Azadeh gently supports this change. I can only recommend Azadeh’s coaching. »

Fabian W.

Campaigner, Zurich, Switzerland

« For over eight years I have been engaged in personal development and working on myself and my “issues”. No book, no journey, no teacher, no therapy, no course has brought me so much further and led me back to myself as deeply as the coaching with Azadeh. Already after the first session I changed concrete things in my life in a very natural way. »

« Azadeh is more than just a very good coach. She knows how to grasp the individual in his wholeness and to look deep behind the facade. She touches points that you didn’t even know existed and then picks you up right there. »

« Her work is excellent, of the highest professionalism and at the same time of a knowledge on a holistic spectrum that goes far beyond coaching. »

« Azadeh’s talent is a gift to the people who may meet her on this path. Above all, it is the greatest gift I have been able to give myself. Thanks to coaching with Azadeh, I am no longer searching. I am. I know who I am. I know where I belong. I know what I want and I concretely implement these goals with ease and step by step into reality for myself. Both professionally and privately. I can wholeheartedly recommend working with Azadeh to anyone who is ready to heal, grow, learn and change their life holistically in a positive way. »

Lawa F.

teacher, Zurich, Switzerland

« Azadeh made me feel safe and protected from day one. Her coaching creates a unique atmosphere full of empathy and kindness. While the emotional support was crucial for my coaching, I must say I also highly admire Azadeh’s understanding of the human psyche. It was this perfect balance between professional knowledge and human warmth that allowed me to develop full trust in the process. I have taken so much from this coaching experience, and I am convinced that Azadeh’s incredibly balanced care for both my intellectual and my emotional side was crucial in the process. »

Prof. Dr. Ana Sobral (40)

Professor, University Zurich

« Last year my path crossed Azadeh´s and it came to change me from within. Even though we were located in two different countries and our sessions were digital, I always felt as if we were in the same room. I immediately felt a good connection and Azadeh´s very professional and caring way made it easy to build up a trust. She has a fantastic way of understanding your needs and adapts the program after your progress. Through Azadeh´s coaching, I got to go on an exciting journey and by the end I managed to get tools that I always can use in both my private and professional life. It also increased my confidence as a leader at work which naturally changed my relations with my colleagues for the better. Most importantly, I can feel the change physically. It’s like we planted an inner seed of strength that I always can connect with when needed. And for that I will always be thankful. Therefore, I highly recommend Azadeh´s coaching. She’s truly an amazing and a beautiful being. She´s also confidence-inspiring and very competent. It is easy to tell that coaching is a passion of hers, and that makes all the difference in my opinion. »

– Maria A. (38)

Managing Director, Coompanion, Stockholm

« I would definitely recommend Azadeh’s coaching, simply because it works. Azadeh accompanied me in a journey of deeper understanding about myself, which resulted in a personal transformation. Destructive habits originating from deep-rooted conditioning of the past naturally and gradually disappear once the root cause is understood, felt and eradicated. I will always be grateful to Azadeh for enabling this transformation. »

– Antimo

Zurich Insurance, Switzerland, Zurich

« The coaching with Azadeh was an enormously enriching and insightful process for me. Azadeh has a profound emotional and professional capacity, which enables her to ideally accompany her coachees. Her calm, thoughtful and professional yet loving nature allows her to build trust from the beginning and create the ideal space for a coaching process. Her dedication and passion for her work with people is tangible at every moment and motivates her to continuously develop and deepen her knowledge and techniques in the field. »

– Martina D.


« As a long-standing lecturer at the CoachTrainerAkademie Schweiz, it was a great pleasure for me to accompany Azadeh Jassemi during her training as a systemic Master of Business & Management Coach & Trainer at our academic institute. I experienced Azadeh as a very sensitive, open and humorous student. Her great commitment and above all her ability to implement what she learned quickly and professionally have always impressed me deeply. I wish Azadeh much joy and success in her coaching activities and hope that many clients will continue being able to benefit from her professional coaching. »


– Barbara Müller

Dozenten/Fach-Trainerin der CoachTrainerAkademie Schweiz, Zürich

« I thank Azadeh from the bottom of my heart for her coaching and for her help. She immediately took time for my 14-years old daughter and listened carefully and with calm to everything my daughter unveiled. Azadeh advised her in three video sessions because it was not possible for us to go to Zurich at that period due to school and work schedules. Yet, that worked out really well for my daughter. We felt very comfortable and it is so great to see how quickly the situation improved for my daughter after the intervention. Azadeh, you are incredible. I continue wishing you only the best. »

– Jutta Zeilhofer

Office Manager Grand Hotel Bellevue, Meran

« With a great challenge in my luggage that had lasted several years, I addressed Azadeh in order to receive coaching. I wanted something to change and was willing to look at myself -even when it hurts. Through Azadeh's sensitive way of responding to me, I was able to quickly engage in the process. Already after the third coaching session, I noticed a change… I had the feeling that I had done nothing for it. But that is not the case: What I take with me on my way is the realization that I looked at it and worked on myself with whatever I found during those processes. So I could change my attitude towards myself in a highly positive way – and then EVERYTHING changes. »

– Kaya Waeber

Occupational Therapist, foundation Jugendsozialwerk, Aarau

« Azadeh is a wonderful person, full of empathy, esteem and love. Being coached by her, I felt very much «carried» and supported by her, because she accompanied, helped and strengthened me very professionally and emphatically. Thank you very much for that, Azadeh! »

– Astrid Kuprian

Marketing & Social Media Manager / Business Coach, South Tyrol

« Thanks to the coaching with Azadeh, I gained a deeper insight into my inner being, behind my habits and behaviour patterns. This gave me a lot of clarity and self-confidence. Now I feel ready to make my life more conscious and to respond better to my needs. Azadeh guided me very professionally and supported me warmly in the various processes. Her great interest in my well-being was always palpable, her attention and passion for her task was
very helpful. Working on and with myself makes a lot of sense to me and Azadeh is an extremely sensitive and pleasant coach who accompanied me throughout those processes. »

– Marcel Anderegg

Agriculture Expert und Gardener, Non-Profit-Organisation, Zurich

« I’m really grateful to work with Azadeh! She coached me not only to manifest my inner self, rather learning more methods to overcome old programs and thinking to archive a higher self-awareness and trust. I highly recommend everyone working with her as a coach, as she emphasizes all triggers quickly and knows how to deal with them to find inner freedom for every challenge we are facing in the present and the future. »

– Kiri K. Trier

Change & Innovation Consultant, Munich

« Azadeh is and remains the best coach I have ever met; it was an indescribable experience. »

– Constantin Schmidt-Thomé

CEO Trackscale GmbH, Berlin




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