My path toward coaching

« One thing I know: the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who will have sought and found how to serve. »

Albert Schweitzer

Having had the privilege of living, studying, and working in many different places around the world, and meeting many impressive people both personally and professionally, I have come to believe that each one of us pursues happiness. This is the origin of man’s search for meaning and purpose. It’s a search for the truth: who we really are.

Who are we and what is our self-determination?

It is also my conviction that each one of us stands out in at least one key area of ​​ourlife. This is probably where our talents and (often unconscious) skills cross with our passion. This is where we’re fulfilling a purpose we are fully committed to while getting a little closer to our self-determination.

It is the place where our dreams coincidewith our beliefs and values. I have found this area for me; this is why I am now accompanying people and organizations as part of their individual change, supporting them to truly know themselves, andlive their highest potential.

+What makes me a genuine coach
« Everyone has a purpose in life and a unique talent to give to others. And when we blend this unique talent with service to others, we experience the ecstasy and exultation of own spirit, which is the ultimate goal of all goals ».

Kallam Andji Reddy

When I decided to focus on coaching as a full-time job, I first contemplated whether I could meet these five key requirements of a dedicated coach.

During my life I have lived and worked in different sectors through nine different countries including Germany, France, Switzerland, USA, Costa Rica, Central African Republic, Kenya, Senegal, and Iran. This has allowed me to continuously fill my backpack with diverse life and work experiences. Having arrived at the midpoint of my life, I have come to realize that there has always been a central theme (leitfaden)woven through my life story; the wish to encounter and work with and for human beings.

For this reason, today I am in the position to answer each of the above questions positively and with genuine conviction. What I do is enable my clients in taking a complementary approach to gaining new insights and awareness about themselvesthroughproven methodologies and strategies.

+The paths and areas I have crossed so far
2018 is the year in which I decided to dedicate myself to full-time coaching and mentoring, adding a new page to my life story.

« Aging is an extraordinary process where you become the person you always should have been ».

David Bowie

Life and Work Experience

International Policy Advice

within the area of development cooperation, I have advised several high-ranking African government representatives on their strategy and policy planning in the context of the United Nations Agenda 2030 and the achievement ofthe 17 Sustainable Development Goals(short SDGs). I also accompanied these government partners to the United Nations High Level Political Form (HLPF) in New York where their Voluntary National Reviews (VNR) were presented, helping them to write reports on the basis of their policy achievements and to post-HLPF meetings at the United Nations in Geneva.

Biovision, Swiss Foundation 2016-2018

Millennium Institute, 2018-2019

International project coordination and project management:

2016-2018: Biovision Foundation for Ecological Development, Zurich, Switzerland:

As a development cooperation project manager, I coordinated a political project in Senegal in which I developed partnerships with local universities, research institutes, ministries, and technical and policy consultants from various countries, and negotiated with other potential donors.

2015: German Welthungerhilfe (non-governmental organization)

Within the area of humanitarian and emergency aid, I worked and lived for one year as Program Coordinator in Bangui, Central African Republic, a country ravaged by armed conflicts. Here I coordinated a camp for survivors and victims of sexual violence with a focus on HIV/AIDS and psychological and medical care in Boda. I conducted field visits to monitor program implementation progress in other projects and designed community-based participatory indicators with the community and other stakeholders. In addition, I lived and worked in Nairobi, Kenya where I oversaw a project in Kibera, the largest slum in Kenya, focused on the education and motivation training for youth. They received daily instruction in a project-based training center facilitating their integration into the labor market. I helped to create, maintain, and improve linkages with traditional local leaders and with local and divisional government offices.

2012 – 2014: Sanigest International (International Management and Consulting Company)

Headquartered in San José, Costa Rica, I was responsible for Business Development in Health, Education, Social Development, Poverty Alleviation, HIV/AIDS, Monitoring & Evaluation, PPPs, and coordinated various projects for tenders won by the World Bank and the United Nations. I was in negotiations with various donor organisations and clients, including Ministries, the United Nations, Asian Development Bank, World Bank, and European Union. In this role, I reported directly to the president of the company.

2010 – 2012: Globalstar Holding (Financial Services)

As project coordinator, I was responsible for the development of the business strategy in Italy and in Dubai. I traveled often to these countries and had long mission stays. I carried out the M&E activities of all countries and effected all documentation and dissemination of results. I reported directly to the president of the company.

HR Management and Professional Development Coordination / Mentoring

2017-2018: Mentoring Program

Mentor for female students of the University of Konstanz under Mentoring Plus program with a focus on career entry.

2012 – 2014: Sanigest International (International Management and Consulting Company)

I managed the entire recruitment process: including tendering, job interviews, evaluation of case studies, negotiations, and contract signing. I also provided training coaching to the consultants reporting to me.

2014: McKinsey & Company, Munich, Germany

As European Staffing and Professional Development Coordinator, I was responsible for staffing the consultants on client projects while taking the best possible professional development of the consultants and their psychological profile into consideration. I led individual career conversations with consultants regarding their development possibilities as well as appropriate selection of future projects. Together with my team, I further supported the development strategy to optimize the staffing processes (HR processes). I was the focal point for all McKinsey partners regarding consultants from Scandinavia, Spain, and Switzerland, being primarily responsible to staff them.

Translator and communication coordinator

As a translator and communications coordinator, I was responsible for developing customer relationship management, analyzing growth opportunities, translating legal contracts into relevant languages, interpreting at various international meetings and negotiations, and compiling legal and strategic background reports. I also worked as the Personal Assistant of one of the five founding partners of the US Law Firm McDermott, Will & Emery at its first German office in Munich. In that position I administered all client-related files and pperformed computerized law library research to obtain case-relevant data and material.

2010: FR2 Capital, Amsterdam, Paris

2002 – 2004: McDermott, Will & Emery Law Firm, Munich

+Academic and university background

Double Master’s degree

Master of Arts (MA) in Sociology of Conflicts and International Security

Master of Arts (MA) in International Affairs, Conflict Resolution and Civil Society Development (specialization: mediation, negotiation and conflict resolution)

Institut Catholique de Paris, France and American University of Paris, France (2007 – Nov 2009)

Certified translator in English with a specializing in law and economics

Institute of Languages and Interpretation Munich, Germany (1997 -2001)

Language diploma French

Sorbonne University, Paris, France (2004-2006)

Coaching Education and Training since 2017

Imago Brehmsbildung, Vienna, Austria, 2019-2022

Certified Imago Professional Facilitator

Coach Trainer Academy Zurich, Switzerland

[according to the threefold scientifically validated 5-dimensional, systemic St. Gall Coaching Model (SCM) “], 2017-2019

Certification according to ISO / IEC 17024




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